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Life-Size Nude Woman Girl Statues Erotic Sculptures and Wall Art
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Welcome to the nude carving studio. SculptureCiti® offers life-size erotic statues, sexy stone carvings, relief arts, plaques, love sculptures and wall carvings. We make large reproduction sculptures for various indoor and outdoor applications. We offer custom artworks made to client's specifications and size >> more..

Nude + Erotic Sculptures
Woman + Lady Statues

Nudity in Art
:: Depictions of nudity refers to nudity in all the artistic disciplines including vernacular and historical depictions. Nudity in art has generally conformed — with some variation — to social standards for public nudity; in cultures where nudity was accepted, nude figures in painting and sculpture were as well. However, some cultures have tolerated artistic nudity more than actual nudity, with a different set of standards of what is acceptable. Sometimes live nudity is more acceptable if the model does not move >> more..

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