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Prehistoric Sculpture Replicas Stone Statues & Wall Carving Arts

Welcome to the Prehistotic art studio. We offer life-size antique garden sculptures, Khmer style carving replicas, architectural Gothic statues and custom Greek wall carving arts >> more..

Ancient Sculpture Art refers to the many types of art that were in the cultures of ancient societies, such as those of ancient Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Khmer, Aztec, Persia and Rome. Our antique replicas are highly collectible items which are made to look and feel quite old and are being collected because of their desirable style, origin, rarity, condition, utility and other unique features. Sculpture is a three-dimensional object, it's man-made and selected for special recognition as art. A person who creates sculpture is called a sculptor or carver >> more..

Ancient + Antique Garden Sculptures   Khmer + Angkor-Wat Garden Sculptures
Gothic + Medieval Garden Sculptures   Greek + Mythology Sculptures
Antique Reproductions :: SculptureCiti® reproductions are art objects which show an excellent degree of craftsmanship. In a consumer society, an antique is above all an object whose atypical construction and age give it a market value superior to similar objects of recent manufacture. Any historical museum makes a considerable use of antiques in order to illustrate historical events and give them a practical context. Just about any object can become an antique if it survives long enough, but value of an antique in the market place is determined by its appeal and social acceptance >> more..

Sculpture Replicas are created and used for collectible purposes, such as being placed in a museum or a private collection. Sometimes the original item has never existed. Copying or art reproduction is the duplication of an artifact, based only on an instance of that artifact, and not using the process that originally generated it. Copying is only possible to a limited degree of accuracy, which depends on the skill of the carver artisan >> more..

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Our works of art transform the atmosphere wherever they are placed >> more..
Hindu and Indian Wall Carvings
We make sculptures and pottery using traditional techniques and specially prepared clays >> more..
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