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Advanced Encryption Technology of Information & Email Security


Why Encrypt? :: when you send a piece of first class mail, you probably seal the envelope. With that action, you are moderately comfortable that your message will be delivered at the receiving end without anyone in between reading it, or if it has been intercepted your recipient can tell. If someone wanted to watch all of the surface mail traveling through a certain point, he or she would have to open each envelope, read the information, and then reseal the envelope and have the message continue on its way. Very time consuming.

  Email Security  

In the electronic world, however, everything is different. Your email message travels in the clear through numerous computers between you and its destination, and at any one of those points the message could be read and changed without your knowledge.

Everyone seals the envelope when they send a first class letter. It therefore doesn't draw any attention. In the electronic world, though, it is still a minority of people who use encryption. This is unfortunate, because it draws attention to yourself. People think to themselves "I wonder what this person has to hide" when in fact the encrypter is simply exercising his or her rights to privacy. That’s why it’s imperative to get many people using encryption. Once "all of your friends are doing it" it will no longer be considered unusual to be exercising your right to privacy.

Encryption :: prevents any non-authorized party from reading or changing data. The level of protection provided by encryption is determined by an encryption algorithm. In a brute-force attack, the strength is measured by the number of possible keys and the key size. For example, a Triple-Data Encryption Standard system (3 DES) uses 112-bit or 168-bit keys and, based on currently available processing power, is virtually immune to Email Encryptionbrute-force attacks. Business to Business VPNs (Extranets) share sensitive data with multiple organizations, so demand the highest level of security. This requires public key encryption and/or secure key exchange, both of which are designed to eliminate the risk of the key becoming known to an unauthorized party.
Decoding Information with Secure PasswordDecryption :: is the process of decoding information that has been encrypted using a cipher. Decryption requires the use of a key - without this, and depending on the length of the key, it is practically impossible to decrypt the information. There are two groups of encryption ciphers: symmetric ciphers and public key or asymmetric ciphers.
Cryptography :: a process associated with scrambling plaintext (ordinary text, or cleartext) into ciphertext (a process called encryption), then back again (known as decryption). Cryptography concerns itself with four objectives: (1) Confidentiality (the information cannot be understood by anyone for whom it was unintended); (2) Integrity (the information cannot be altered in storage or transit between sender and intended receiver without the alteration being detected); (3) Non-repudiation Cryptography(the creator/sender of the information cannot deny at a later stage his or her intentions in the creation or transmission of the information); (4) Authentication (the sender and receiver can confirm each other’s identity and the origin/destination of the information) Procedures and protocols that meet some or all of the above criteria are known as cryptosystems.
Crypt4Free 4.6.3Encryption Software :: SculptureCiti® recommends use of a small but very powerful encryption software the Crypt4Free 4.6.3. It is a file & email encryption utility (freeware). It uses two encryption algorithms to protect your files: Blowfish & DESX and "Quick Wipe" secure files erasure algorithm to wipe sensitive files. Features: (1) easy in use; (2) encrypts every kind of file; (3) full ZIP support. Secure Communication: (1) send encrypted files and messages; (2) encrypt email text; (3) recipient must enter the password to read messages. Security Level: (1) no "back door" in the software; (2) no access under any circumstances; (3) you must supply password to access the encrypted content; (4) user privacy tool to remove all internet traces; (5) built in file shredder
Software Download :: "Crypt4Free" file name <Crypt4Free_Setup.exe>Download Crypt4Free 4.6.3; size only 2,149 KB; Requirements: 9 MB of free HDD space. Released on 18-Feb-2007; Language English; Platform: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT4.x, Win2000 >> click to download..
Software Installation :: double click on <Crypt4Free_Setup.exe> file and follow onscreen instructions..
How to Encrypt/Decrypt :: see built in user manual >> (1) Click on Encrypt button; (2) Type password in the Password field, then retype it; (3) Enter password riddle if needed. It will help you to remember password; (4) Chose encryption algorithm from combobox; (5) Choose what to do with source files. For example, after encryption source files can be deleted; (6) Click on "Pack" checkbox if you want to compress files before encryption; (7) Click on START button to begin processing files
Secure Password :: SculptureCiti® will supply our clients with password via fax, SMS or by phone
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